Family Life Merit Badge

Family Life Merit Badge is being led by Mrs. Bernadete Glasgow.

Please print out the merit badge workbook pages.  Please put your name on each page of the packet.  On the chore chart page please include one of your parents and your phone number just in case I need to communicate with you.

Each of you need to come up with 5-8 chores that you can do to help your family.  These chores may or may not be done everyday but for ones that are not done daily please make sure you stay on top of it.  Some examples of jobs - emptying the dishwasher, take out the trash from house to outside can and taking the outside can to the street and returning it to its designated spot after emptied, do your laundry, clean your bathroom, vacuuming the floors, walking your dog, cleaning up after your dog, dusting, wipe down door handles, water household plants.  These are just some of the many jobs that you can undertake.  Please be realistic in what you can do so you will be successful.  

Each week, you will need to take a picture of your chore chart and email it to me.  If scouts is cancelled or not scheduled, you will still need to email the chart.  If you are on vacation or are sick and are unable to complete your chores for a few days or a week that is not a problem, however, I would still like the chart.  If you do this, and a few other things, hopefully, each of you will complete the merit badge by May.  

Remember, this is an Eagle required merit badge.  These badges take more time and require more work.  Hopefully, they will provide each of you with the proper tools that will last long past the end of your scouting career.  

Making your bed is not a chore but you should do it daily and I would like you to keep tract of it.

My phone number is 615-473-7889 for texting weekly chore charts.  They can also be emailed to